Written by Rebecca Churt at Hubspot.com

Visuals by patmillssullivan
November 5, 2016 (a repost)

While we don’t recommend obsessing over your competitors, it can help to know how you compare. Run your website through HubSpot’s free Marketing Grader tool to generate a report card of how your website and marketing is performing. (Or, if you’re already a HubSpot customer, use our Competitors tool .) Use these diagnostic tools to evaluate your competitors’ websites as well, so you’re aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Next, take a look at your competitors’ websites, and take note of what you like — and what you don’t. This is not meant to make you a copycat, but rather to help you realize what you can do better. Once you conduct your analysis, put together a list of action items highlighting some areas for improvement and what you can do differently than your competitors. For more information, check out our comprehensive blog post about how to conduct a competitive analysis .