I am a storyboard illustrator who provides
many styles and complexity levels

During your post production phase, I can assist through storyboards with the planning of day
today crew activity, increasing production efficiency and lowering of production time and costs and…

•  detail your complex action sequences and stunts,
•  help to plan re-sequencing order of events and scenes,
•  visually communicate place, scenery, set design, lighting and objects,
•  and help to eliminate additional expense for wasted time, omissions, confusion and errors,
•  utilize traditional drawng tools and mediums, as well as digital for all its advantages.
•  visually detail movements, camera angles, framing heights and movement direction with
arrows notes and captions detailing movement.

I am flexible with utilizing your preferred storyboard format.
I also have several to share as options.

I’ve been doing this, (along side my art direction role) since my ad agency days conceptualizing
and illustrating TV commercials with writers and producers.